I need a waterproof phone so I can sit in my shower on tumblr

thought i’d post/start posting again….. i’ve been MIA for soo long.

Lolita and I are 3/4 through our show season so I really should have started posting and keeping everyone up to date in April…. ooops.

We just finished showing at Milner Downs though. There were some up’s and down’s. We had our first double clear (its been a tough show season..) in the 1m on Saturday which was SO exciting. And we moved up into the 1.10m today. It wasn’t as successful (I fell off) BUT we are ready to be in the 1.10m ring which is so exciting. Lolita was jumping amazing and all our distances were bang on, really looking forward to starting August Thunderbird in the 1.10m on warm up day!!!

just watched spring breakers. felt a lot like “thirteen” but with a modern twist. 

  • 1.How many horses have you committed to in your lifetime?
  • 2.Whats you dream in riding?
  • 3.Whats your current goal short term? long term?
  • 4. Last item you bought from a tack shop?
  • 5. Next item your buying rom a tack shop?
  • 6. Name one characteristic of your horse.
  • 7. Any horse that you've always loved?
  • 8. What did you work on in your last ride?
  • 9. Do you show? If yes, in what?
  • 10. Whats your discipline?
  • 11. When's the last time you fell? How?
  • 12. Something you would change about our sport?
  • 13. Favourite thing about our sport?
  • 14. How long have you been riding?
  • 15. A question of your choice.